As Ontario's largest Canadian-owned and Canadian-based publicly held brewery, the Company is a regional brewer of award-winning premium quality and value beers, ciders and ready to drink products and is officially certified under the Certification Body SGS FSCC 22000 for Food Safety, one of the highest and most internationally recognized standards for safe food production. There is no co-pack partner working to a higher quality standard than Waterloo Brewing. Read more about our commitment to quality and sustainability.

Making it easier for you to manage your business.

Growing your business can seem like an overwhelming experience, but it doesn’t have to be. Many small to medium sized business seek an outside supplier as a way to decrease operating costs and free up valuable management time and increase operation efficiencies, for what they do best, manage their own operations.

Specialty Representation

Whether your operations produce thousands of units per day or are meticulously hand crafted, Brick Brewing can help establish a best-fit relationship based on your growth strategy.

Who is Waterloo Brewing?

Waterloo Brewing serves as a valuable service to many stakeholders. We are as different as the industries we serve. Through specialization and established relationships, we can help you develop and distribute your product. Waterloo Brewing will not only work on your behalf to introduce customers or suppliers to your product, but it will also help you navigate the beer, cider and ready-to-drink landscapes, while you are focused on your business.

What does it all cost?

The costing schedule can differ. Depending on the type and level of service offered, fees can be commission based, or alternate arrangements as required.

Why would I use Waterloo Brewing?

Waterloo Brewing has a team of experienced people, and offer a technical specialization many other organizations do not want, or have the ability to develop. We’re specialized by offering the capabilities of dealing with many products or services and understand how each complements each other. Brick Brewing understands how to help you manage your product lifecycle.

Heritage of Brewing Excellence

Waterloo Brewing is based in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario. We were founded in 1984. We’re a regional brewer of award-winning premium quality beer, cider and ready-to-drink products (70+ awards). Waterloo Brewing is credited with pioneering the present day craft brewing renaissance in Canada and is Ontario’s Original Craft Brewery

Our Company Today

We’re a diverse beverage company with 450,000 hectoliters or 5,500,000 cases of capacity that produces a wide variety of beverages.

Our Core Business

Three distinctly different sectors of business.
- Brewing proprietary brands
- Allied brand marketing and sales partnerships
- Contract production

Waterloo Brewing is strategically located for high volume contract brewing and packaging. We have the ability to reach the largest portions of both the Canadian and USA population.

Our Liquid Capabilities include the flexibility to produce:

- Beer
- Malt Alternatives
- Ready To Drink Coolers
- Ciders

Returnable Bottling Capabilities

- Pasteurized or non-pasteurized product.  
- Body, Neck and Back labelling. 
- Packing formats: 6/12/15/18/24 pack

Non-Returnable Bottling Capabilities

- Bulk glass and Bottle Rinsing.  
- Pasteurized or non-pasteurized product
- Body, Neck and Back labelling
- Packing formats: 4 pack – basket or enclosed, 6 pack – basket or enclosed, 12/15/18/24 pack
- Shrink-wrapping

Our Canning Capabilities include:

- Filling capabilities include 355ml or 473ml can formats
- Both pasteurized or non-pasteurized product
- Packing formats:4/6/8 pack - Hi-cone 12/15/24 pack
- Shrink-wrapping

Our Kegging Capabilities include:

- 20 litre or 58.6 litre keg formats

Find out more about our contract production.